NDHS Spirit Week – Wacky Clown Wednesday

Wacky Clown Wednesday – a day where students at Notre Dame High School can dress up in their craziest, most random, and creative apparel. Students went all out on this Spirit Day, wearing the wackiest clothes they could find in their closets. From tutus to mixed matched socks, everyone truly reflected their crazy side on this crazy day. Brandon Warfield, ASB president, has gone over the top on each Spirit Day, and he left no exception to this day with his Goofy hat and neon tutu. Aside from the students, even the teachers got into this dress-up occasion! Mr. Toner was a huge hit to the students, making students laugh at his costume and others terrified of his presence. Wacky Clown Wednesday as a whole was a huge hit to the students, who really enjoyed getting dressed up in clothes that they wouldn’t normally wear.

Image“It’s fun to go out there and express yourself.” – Veronica Irwin

“It gives you the best chance to express yourself.” – Jackie Hynes

“I love to dress in comfortable clothing and still have school spirit.” – Molly Goss

“I love that I can pick random stuff out of my closet and wear it around school.” – Payton Hare

“I like that I can wear random clothes and not be looked at funny.” – Cristina Kamagowa

“I like that I can wear my own clothes to school while showing off my school spirit.” – Maciel Argueta

“I love being wacky!” – Sarah Wetzel



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